What are the advantages of using plastidip coating?

Thoughplastidip has been widely famous for its coating capability of vast ranges of items, may it be wood or metal, it also have certain disadvantages in the long run. Being a durable and flexible rubber coating, it has a lot of benefits which other simple paint coatings cannot provide.

What is plastidip made of? Plasti-dip is a synthetic rubber coating which includes the following chemical components: Naphtha, Toluene, Hexane, Resins and Methyl Ethyl Ketone. Due to this synthetic rubbery nature, it can be used on various materials without getting cracked. Why should you use the plasti dip to coat items rather than using paint? Following are the list of reasons why you should always switch to use it: • Cheaper than paint. • Due to its thickness, it can hide many things which paint can’t. Thus less preparation required before applying it on the item. • You can peel of the colour if you don’t like it. • Easy to clean over sprays or other mistakes. • In the case of any scratch, it’s easy to fix it up. • Provides proper grip on the surface, unlike other paints which make the item slippery. • Can resist extreme heat and adverse weather conditions. • Can last almost 3 years without any crack on it.
Drawbacks In spite of the above advantages plastidip also has certain limitations: • There are certain limitations regarding colour, unlike paint. To get your type of colour combination, you will need to mix it yourself. • You cannot get the super shinny look like paint. Super smoothness is also not achieved on the upper surface. • It does not provide a real paint job look or facilities as a real paint job gives a clear coating. On an overall view you should definitely plasti dip kopen because though it has certain side effects, its benefits are greater than the disadvantages.