Series A stands at a very important point

Without proper knowledge or expert football tips it is hard to predict the winner of Italian league this season. The Italian league is poised at the most interesting point at the moment where there are too many teams looking to grab the championship. The major teams like Juventus, AC Milan and Inter are being challenged by teams like AS Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina. Every player and manager in the league wants to win it and be a part of the European competitions. Juventus has won the league for two consecutive years now.

At this point it would be difficult to say who will win the league but Juventus look to be the front runners to win it again. AS Roma are a tough competition as they have not lost a single game in the league till now. Milan on the other hand looks like the team to bet. They are the most potent striking force in the league this season. The story will unfold in the next six months when the league gets over. All the assumptions and football tips might be in vain. At the moment the league leaders Juventus are on a high as they are sitting on a comfortable 40 points from just 15 games. They have lost just 1 game and have one draw under their belt. Their leader and goalkeeper Buffon is the anchor of the team. Veteran Andrea Pirlo has worked wonders in the midfield along with Italian team mate Claudio Marchisio. It would take a real toll for a team to stand up to this team. AS Roma would be happy to see Juventus lose in the Champions League, as the Italian Champions came crashing down. Roma would definitely like to get their hands on the championship and prove that they are a better team than Juventus. So far they have remained unbeaten in the league. However this week their run could come to an end when they face off against AC Milan. They would need the best football tips to counter a rampage from Milan. Click here to get more information fussball bundesliga (World Championship Football)