Play fielding the ball and know all about its promotions and bonuses

Fielding the ball is an online betting game. It is a card game which is very interesting to play. There are thousands of people who play this game online. It is a seven card hand game and on the first turn the first and third cards are shown.

History of betting: Betting has been in vogue for more time than you can imagine. Gambling has been mentioned in Hindu legends like Mahabharata and also found mention in the famous book ship of fools which was published in the 15th century. So it is no surprise that at present times betting or gambling is so popular. With advancement of technology and everything available online there was certainly no doubt that within a few years there will be sites that will provide online betting and gambling. Cashback and promotions on tangkasnet: When you are playing the game on tangkasnet you are getting a great opportunity where you will be getting 5% cash back as a bonus in every week. It is applicable to all the members on the site. The bonus amount will be updated into your game account every week on Monday after 2 pm. Minimum bonus amount have to be Rs.100, 000 and the maximum amount is Rs. 5,000,000. The cash back amount can be cancelled for any particular player if any irregularities or fraud is found. There are four bonus stages namely 5000c, 3000c, 1000c and 500c. This will help you playing your game and thus you will have an upper hand over the other players. There is no need to download the game. All you need to do is visit the site and start playing. No need for any kind of installation or anything, it is fielding balls free download. click here to get more information agen 88tangkas (88tangkas agent).