People have different views regarding online homework help

The professors of your university give you homework in order to test your knowledge. Also, the home work needs to be done during the time that you spend at home and that gives you enough time to think through the question and struggle with it. This concept can take a beating if you do not have enough time to devote to your homework. But, if you want to score good grades you will have to do your homework and that too correctly. This is where the online websites like course hero come into play.

Different views on online homework support Course Hero on the New York Times" says that there are contrasting views on whether or not these websites help students. Many say that if the students can just copy the answers from a website then the concept behind giving homework to students takes a beating. Also they think that this leads to students finding easy ways out and indulging in cheating and plagiarism. However, there are many others who think that this is a great tool to help students who want to learn and cannot do so during the non-class hours because the teachers and professors will not be available in those hours. Such students can not only get the answers but get them in detail with concept and logic. This makes it possible for them to solve similar questions during the exam when they have no access to either the teacher or the website. Even the professors are a part According to Course Hero on the New York Times" this is something that needs to be understood that if it was such a bad idea then so many professors would have not supported it or become a part of this website. This is a novel concept directed towards the betterment of students as well as studies.