Must understand Clash of Clans Strategy, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

#1 Attempt to save as many gems as possible: For the first time you start playing with the clash of clans cheats game, you are going to have 500 stone with you. There is going to be a tutorial in the beginning. It can help you to start building the constructions. In this you are going to spend 250 stone for a builder. As the man instructed in the tutorial if you do, you are going to end up losing 50 stone. You add a little extra builder to build your constructions at a quick rate and can save those 50 stone. For the user convenience, I also added the price of each builder under.

Builder #3 == 500 Stone Builder #4 == 1000 Stone Builder #5 == 2000 Stone In the above builders, it is possible to get Builder #3 in quick time as another two takes time to buy. So, it is possible to build a few extra constructions in less time if you save the stone and buy Builder #3.You can unlock the Builder #4 by buying it or winning some prizes. But, you have to win a major prize in order to unlock Builder #5. This Clash of Clans Strategy, Tip and Trick helps you a lot while playing with the game.

#2 Assemble Storage Units and Resource Collectors See, this clash of clans cheats strategy helps you a lot in the initial phases of the game. This is a strategy based game as I told before, and you need to have an appropriate and suitable strategy in using the resources. You are going to have lots of fun while building an army and attacking the enemies. But, What should youn't have resources? You've got to wait for resources. This will be drilling right? To cure this problem, you should assemble Elixir collectors and as numerous Gold as possible. In addition you need to increase the level collectors.

#3 Set Alarms for the Resource cycles Elixir and the Gold is made at a steady rate. You have to keep up all the amounts of resources. By clicking on info tab it is possible to check the tips of it. The resources are typically stored by us when all the amounts are up. Occasionally it may take a few hours to level up. So, it is possible to set alarms to notify you regarding the resources level. This conserves your time. click here to get more information clash royale hack.