Massage therapy: a natural stress reliever

In has been observed that massage not only improve blood flow but a natural stress reliever for many people. Every year there is regular increase of 20% in the massage performances every year. It is in trend in America also. There are in total 40000 therapists that are qualified in US.

Various types of massage therapies Around the world, about 240 different types of Massage Therapy are performed. The kind of massage depends upon the purpose for which it is given. There are different types of therapies for treatment of different types of diseases. People take these therapies for health reasons like pain management, injury management etc. most of the times; doctors also recommend the message therapies along with medication. It has been believed by the 90% of the people that professional massages are effective in case of chronic diseases as well. It can help in weighty loss also as vibration helps to clear the fat and toxins out of body and activate the dead cells. By massage therapy, soft tissue injuries can be better managed. For thousands of years, it is used as a natural treatment of mental as well as physical treatments.
Various facts about the massage therapy Various scientific researchers say that massage therapy helps in the growth of hormones. It also prevents any injuries as well. Main benefits of it are given below:- • Improve recovery time • Restore energy • Manage stress • Body ache management Sometimes massage therapy is also called as “healing art”. The techniques and styles of massage are different and vary from place to place. These are handed over from one generation to another thus some changes take place foe its improvements over time but the basic styles differ from culture to culture. These days it is becoming the part of education system and emerging as a profession.