Know here how to make pot brownies?

So many people search for how to make pot brownies ? So here you will read the simple recipe of making the brownie at your home. If you don’t have any knowledge regarding it then must take a look on the ingredients and recipes that are mentioned below only to you. With these tips you will soon make a great weed brownie as well as other flavor brownies at home without taking much time.

Ingredients required: • Cooking spray • 1/3 cannabis oil • Large eggs • Chocolate chips • Glazed and roasted
Recipe to go through: • At the temperature of 340 degrees preheat your oven. Set the right oven temperature • Combine two to four eggs along with cannabis oil and water • All these mixtures you need to stir with brownie until it get well blend. • Add some pecans and chocolate chips. Spread the mixture well in a pan so that it can cook in a better way. • It only takes half an hour to get it melt well. When it gets cooked after few minutes remove it from the oven. Let it cool for some time so, that you can make the perfect pieces of brownies. • You can cut brownies in perfect 24 pieces and serve it • make sure that it gets perfectly cooked if it is not cooked from deep then it not gives you much better taste This is a quick as well as a great recipe to make fast sweet recipe. You will not find any better way than this to make a pot brownie. How to make pot brownies is the most common question by the weed lovers. Now they must get idea about these recipes and now they can create their own brownies recipes. Trying new flavors give you more idea and also you will try something new.