Dascoin - Best investment opportunity in the world of crypto currencies

Ah, if only it is February 2011 and 1000 Bitcoins can be bought by us for the price of $1000. Then understood only by few within technology community, and now popular, one BitCoin had precise value of $1 only FIVE years past. Then close to the end of November 2013, same one BitCoin had its price well over $1000 in FIVE years an initial investment of $1000 turned into more than one million. Sadly we cannot turn back the time, but we can for sure make our own future by making a new smart investment. Cryptocurrencies have no other way but to expand and thereby raise their worth as we experience increasing amount of issues with conventional monies and increasing amount of internet users.
We can be certain that it will grow satisfactorily with increase of its own network and variety of users in although we cannot be certain if Dascoin will multiply its value 1000 times. Recently, we can only just see less and less chances to make at least modest return on investment. Banks, rental income, dividends barely even reach 10% a year (in developed states not even 5%). Investing with good basis and strong background in the cryptocurrencies is certainly a far greater option.
When first BitCoin was mined looking at historic development of BitCoin and then comparing it with DasCoin, we're now in a point even before 2009. In a current price of 3-14 cents per DasCoin (using the existing frequency lock worth and smallest and largest bundle available) it is more than clear that buying your license only at that very moment is the most effective investment you may make!
 Why DasCoin?
The period in which DasCoin is right at the minute is perfect minute to buy it. We're now still in PRE-SALE, PRE-MINING period and likely more a year away of public trading. In Landmarks chart we are able to see a few of the planned, minutes that are most significant in DasCoin development. We do put most effort into INSTRUCTION, because only by understanding all of the features of DasCoin on both economical and technical degree, together with getting to be familiar with structure and members of the team behind DasCoin job you might find the future of DasCoin is quite bright and that its value can only increase.