About Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

As of late, a lot of people take wedding bands and engagement rings for granted, and although they give these beautiful items of jewellery with integrity and love, they may be usually given with no actual knowledge of the significance behind them.

Both wedding bands and promise rings for couples have become unique items of jewellery; in fact, they've been more than merely jewellery - they will be the symbols of numerous emotions and guarantees including:

• Love

• Obligation

But where - and why - did these popular and sentimental bits of jewellery come from?

The Annals Of Wedding Bands

These items of jewellery possess a history that spans many centuries and passes through many nations from throughout the planet. Below, you will discover a short history of the wedding and engagement ring, as reported from country to country.


The now-famous wedding band is presumed to get originated in Ancient Egypt, where it's stated that plant segments were fashioned in to circles to signify neverending and immortal love. It had been believed that the fourth finger (which we now understand as the ring finger) included a unique vein that was linked straight to the heart, and so this became the official finger for the wedding band.


The Romans also agreed with the Egyptians with relation to the wedding ring finger and its particular significance, but rather than offering wedding bands as a sign of love, they granted them as a sign of possession. Roman men would "claim" their woman with the giving of a ring.


Puzzle rings were a sophisticated kind of jewellery that were once popular in Asia, and such jewels had the capturing talent of having the ability to fall apart and put back together again - if you understood how to try it, of course