3DS emulator-for enjoying Nintendo games on PC

The new version of 3ds emulator has changed the concept of playing Nintendo games. Earlier you could play them only on Nintendo, but now you can download the free software on to your PC and enjoy the same effect and joy of playing on a real Nintendo. Started and executed by the team called Hax0r, the software was ready for introduction once it passed the beta test.

The user friendly software can be downloaded, extracted and opened in a jiffy. The best thing is that your loved Nintendo games can be added once the software is open. You will not have to bother about the configuration as they will just happen as you add on the games. However, the screen resolution will be set default and you will have to change them to your choice. 3DS emulator is the only functional and professional emulator for Windows. Made to play all kinds of Commercial Nintendo games on your PC, it is a great step from the emulator which was functional only on Windows OS.

The most important feature of 3DS emulator that resulted in its success is the real 3D effect it provides without compromising on graphic quality. There are other features that add to its success. The software can be easily and freely downloaded online. However, it must be ensured that the software is the best and is compatible for your PC. Once you download the program it can be run instantly without any restart or system reboot. The software enables the player to play any number of games. There is option for game feeds and online sharing. Moreover 3DS emulator is compatible with 2D Nintendo games online. Nintendo games were the first games that were available and it could be played using Nintendo console. The games thrilled people around the world.