3 amazing fun facts about solitaire online

Are you aware that Solitaire is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year? Isn’t it an interesting fact? It indeed is! With so many solitaire online game variants, people now have an excellent way to relax and enjoy their tire evenings after work. With so many tech giants ruling in the online gaming market, there hasn’t been anyone who can ever deny the simplistic charm that Solitaire has been providing to thousands of people.

Here are some interesting facts regarding this game that many may be unknown to you.

3 surprising facts about games of solitaire

1.      Developer of Solitaire: An intern!

An intern in Microsoft, Wes Cherry created this game in 1990. He made his debut with Windows 3!

2.      Highest winning score as per Microsoft Solitaire? 24, 113!

Addition of cards in a pile means winning 10 points for each. In the same way, a player can earn an extra 5 points on card movement from deck to column. In fact, there is also a bonus in case of time extension which is over 30 seconds. So now when a player divides their estimated winning time with 700, 000, they can easily calculate their winning score.

3.      Luck to win? Of course, not!

Most players think that like other card games, solitaire too is a game based on luck. This is because of the piles of cards remaining hidden only to get revealed but winners. But reality is not as it seems. In this game, if a player knows the correct strategy, he or she can easily shift the winning chance on their side.

Weren’t these facts about this solitary game free amazing as the game itself? With so many variants and people engrossed in playing this game, it is always advised to players to visit only a trusted site for playing his game and having a wonderful experience.